Scotty Rodgers

Goalie Training

Goalie CurriculumCovering fundamentals, positioning, stance, conditioning, and footwork
Small Group TrainingSmall group training options featuring film review and constructive feedback
Segmented by Age GroupsYouth (5th-8th grade)
High-School (9th-12th grade)

Meet Scotty “Big Rig” Rodgers

Scotty "Big Rig" Rodgers is one of the best lacrosse goalies in the world. Goalie Training takes the skills, techniques, work ethic, and grit of Scotty Rodgers and packages them into a top-tier training regimen specifically for goalies.

Scotty's "Training Days" feature 1.5-hour group instructional sessions, forging goalies from the ground up. Each Training Day is unique, with drills that will build fundamentals, physical strength, and goalie intelligence. Whether your goal is Division I lacrosse - or just personal improvement - Goalie Training can help you get there. Just be prepared to work.

Training Days

90-minutes of hands-on, goalie curriculum and training from world-class goalie Scotty Rodgers


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